A Necessary Tool
For Your Growth

Handle more clients
for less time and energy

Focus on sales and let the system take care of the rest

The platform is a set of specifically designed features combined into one system that helps agencies and their
teams to manage a massive number of websites.

Chained Payment

Payment split system on multiple accounts

This platform allows you to affiliate with other agencies and to collect commissions for each hour that was tracked and fixed monthly fee for the website maintenance. Margins can be easily edited at any moment.

Ticketing System

Stream all client requests into one funnel

Ticketing system tailored specifically for the Web Agencies needs. An intuitive user interface that looks like any other popular project management tool. Manage tickets like you would manage tasks.

White Labeling

Customize everything as per you brand

Your clients will see a completely re-branded platform with your logo and colors. In just a few steps, you can change the overall look of the platform.


System that combines hours and fixed
monthly costs

A simple and intuitive design will help you track all paid, unpaid and archived invoices. Invoices are generated automatically by the system which combines tracked hours with fixed monthly fees. The system also generates 3 separate invoices for the end-user (client), affiliate agency and partner agency. Invoices can be downloaded in PDF format.

Time Tracking

Track hours for each ticket

The time tracking system is designed to track the work of your team members while they work on the tickets. The system is equipped to take timed screenshots and to measure activity. Your clients will have a transparent overview of what has been worked on by your team members.

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